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"I went to Mykut way back in 1998 and have been a realtor ever since.  Best school for real estate and Best teachers as well!!"    

                        Leslie Swindal

The History of Mykut Real Estate School-

Founded in 1954 by John S. Mykut, Mykut Real Estate School has been a trusted name in both pre-license and post license real estate education in Washington State for almost 60 years..  John, at that time, was a professor of statistics at Seattle University.  In a short time, the Mykut Real Estate School dominated the real estate industry, and by 1960 was the only school of any size in Washington.  Today, the school's records indicate that Mykut Real Estate School has enrolled over 300,000 students since its founding.

In 1982 John S. Mykut passed away and Darryl Bradshaw purchased the school from John's son Matthew. Darryl Bradshaw had been John's lead instructor in the greater Seattle area since 1962, and Darryl made the decision to maintain the name "Mykut" as well as John's dream of making the school "the best live instruction possible". As did John, Darryl believes that the teacher-student relationship is the backbone of a student's success in education.

The Appraisal School of Washington was founded in 1990 as a subsidiary to Mykut Real Estate School, and since that time Mykut has offered courses in Appraisal pre-licensing and continuing education for Washington students.

Today, Mykut Real Estate School and the Appraisal School of Washington compete with over 350 real estate and appraisal companies, schools, and professional organizations offering real estate and appraisal education.  Most other schools offer only computer based education.  Although Mykut offers students this option, every study done by major colleges and Universities has shown clearly that live instruction is the most successful method of communicating information to students effectively.

Our loyal referral base throughout the years is a indication of our commitment to quality education and dedication to our students.  Thank you for being a part of our legacy.

"I Love Mykut!  Classes are wonderful there!.  Thank you Darryl for being a great teacher.  I think of many of your anecdotes now that I am out in the field.

I highly recommend Mykut!

             Tracey DuBois Holmes

"Darryl is a fantastic teacher. He tells stories and keeps the conversation interesting.  It's too bad more people don't take live classes anymore.  They miss so much not being able to listen and interact on that level with a teacher like Darryl.  He will be your biggest supporter if you show him all that you have to offer!"

I loved teaching for Mykut and working for Darryl.  I wholeheartedly recommend Darryl Bradshaw!"                                                Kimberly Lester


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