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Thank you for considering Mykut Real Estate School, located in Washington State, for your real estate education.  At Mykut we take your real estate and appraisal education seriously and promise our best to you!  We are dedicated, as we have been for over 63 years, to being the finest real estate education program in the state.

The advantages of choosing Mykut for your Pre-License education are many:

  • Mykut has been preparing students for the state exam for over 63 years and all these years has been known as the TRUSTED name in real estate education among real estate professionals in Washington.  Generations of families have now attended Mykut and the number continues to grow.
  • We don’t screen or reject – We offer our quality education to all who want it and are willing to learn.
  • Mykut does not discriminate by race, religion, or educational background; we take pride in the success of All of the students in our program.
  • We offer online courses.
  • We are available for questions.  Just email us at

Mykut Real Estate School and Appraisal Education